Best Inflatable Hot Tubs – Reviews and Comparison

Mankind has been using hot tubs since the ancient times. In Rome, having hot baths was one of the most popular way to relax and communicate. Since then, hot tubs become more and more popular among people all around the world. But most of people are unable to own it because of it’s high costs, so they have to visit spa centers for it. That’s why some manufacturers came up with brilliant idea of producing inflatable hot tubs for cheap price, so everyone could be able to buy one. And people seem to like the idea of owning their own portable hot tubs, so they can carry it anywhere they want, within their house or even further.

Here is the quick comparison of best portable hot tubs in 2016 :

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How to choose best inflatable hot tub for your needs? (Updated in 2016)

Now if you want to dig deeper and learn more about picking the best portable hot tubs for the budget you have, keep in mind these recommendations and remember, there is no best inflatable spa for everyone, you have to pick the one that will work best for YOU.

First of all, make sure it has the capacity you need. Whether you are planning to use it only for yourself, with family or with girlfriend, you need to make sure it fits you both and preferably you lay in it without normally touching each other. And it’s not only its diameter length that matters, but  height as well. If water doesn’t cover your body enough, the whole process of relaxation is spoiled.

Because heated water is one of the things that hot tub baths are all about, the proper Heating is another key to choosing perfect hot tub. best portable hot tubs on market can heat water up to 104 F ( 40 C ) and that’s hot enough for most people, but with some hot tubs, reaching the maximum temperature might require all the electric power it has, and raise your electric bill. But even that raised electric bill is nothing compared to what expensive hot tubs require, so you need to keep in mind that you can’t get everything for such cheap price, and don’t demand luxurious things from these basic, portable hot tubs. So it’s advisable to keep water a little cooler than maximum and you’ll be fine. Sometimes heating speed is issue as well, so you need to carefully check that particular inflatable hot tub’s reviews and find out if there’s such problem.

Handful Heating Advice : Most customers getting best rated inflatable hot tubs complain about it’s slowness when it comes to heating the water. Almost every inflatable hot tub heaters can heat the water by only 2 – 3 F degrees an hour, which is pretty slow. And the maximum warmth level of the water is also limited, usually to 104 F, which is usually fine, but some people might want more. Even the most reliable inflatable hot tubs fail to produce bubble jets and heat the water at the same time, because heating takes the most energy needed for other tasks. Now If you wish to heat your portable inflatable hot tub warmer than 104F, or wish to accelerate the process of heating, it’s highly recommended to use third party heater for water heating. For example, portable tankless water heaters might be perfect to heat the water to your desired level and way faster than you would do with default water heaters that come with the package, and you are also free to choose between gas and electricity powered heaters. Most of inflatable hot tub reviews say that the only shortcoming of using extra heater might be impossibility of controlling water temperature with the control panel. But if you’re not very sensitive to the water temperature, it won’t make much difference.

In-built features – such as control panel and integrated water filtration are very important for having proper hot baths as well. Having too much trouble to figure out how to operate your portable hot tub is not something you want to experience, but with proper manuals and simple operational modes, you’ll get used to it very quickly. To make sure your inflatable spa is not filled with dirty water, you should have good regular bath before getting into it. Otherwise, integrated filtration (if present) will perfectly do its job. Now, when buying inflatable hot tub, you obviously expect to have opportunity to sit back and enjoy the bubble jet massage on your body. Considering that’s one of the most pleasureable activity with portable hot tubs, it’s also highly recommended to check out your favorite portable hot tub’s reviews and product description before paying for it. If you are too lazy to research and read reviews, we’ve done quick overview of best inflatable hot tubs on the market right now, and it can be found in the second part of this article.

Now portability is one of the reasons why people choose inflatable hot tubs. Carrying your inflatable spa anywhere you go would be hard to imagine a few decades ago, but modern technologies made it possible to happen. Speaking of carrying, if particular object weighs too much or requires too much space, it will be very hard, almost impossible to be moved across long distances. But don’t worry, big brands in this industry have thought of that as well, and several best portable hot tubs can be placed in reasonably sized bag and when put on car, you can take joy of hot baths with you anywhere you go.

Now speaking of big brands, renowned outdoor products brands such as Coleman and Intex are two big players on the market. And  inflatable hot tub reviews usually recommend interacting with these trusted brands, as getting good customer service is a must, unless you want to spend extra hundreds of dollars if anything goes wrong. And the most important part is, that these brands try their best to fit their product to customers need, avoid them too much trouble of complicated installation or have extra features that most customers won’t need. When ergonomically designed, products are made for average customers so setting it up does not require technical or other advanced skills, but reading the manual and following the easy steps written there.

And the last, but the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for best inflatable spas available : durability. If you want to get wisest advice for shopping, remember : don’t try to be cheap. Of course, it’s essential to make sure you get best portable hot tub for the money, but trying to get too much features for very cheap price will definitely cost you more because products that claim too much and cost very cheap are the ones you should avoid. They die very quickly and you’ll probably have to buy several cheap products to last as long as high quality product’s average life span. Now when shopping for portable hot tubs, make sure that it’s layered enough to withstand few persons’ weight when sitting on it. You should also check out the motor’s power and make sure it’s not too noisy and pricey. Even though good portable hot tubs won’t have much impact on your electricity bill, it’s still good to be informed.

These are the basic things you need to know before going out shopping for yourself, and if you remember these inflatable hot tub choosing tips you won’t have problem to differ high quality and garbage products from each other. But if you don’t want to risk, we’ve put 5 of the best inflatable hot tubs on market, which won’t disappoint you and will be worth every dollar you’ll pay.


Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2016 – Reviews

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Being sold under Coleman’s famous brand name, this product is one of the best inflatable hot tubs on market right now. It’s water capacity of 254 Gal and spacey inside area make this hot tub big enough for a couple or even more people. But keep in mind that it’s not luxurious expensive hot tub, and it’s features are relevant to its price. Lots of people complain about heating system being too slow, but considering this is for home use, and it’s plugged in with typical home plug, it’s clear that it’s power is not off limits. Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews Say that it takes several hours to reach the maximum heat, which is 104F (40C) but as I mentioned before, keep in mind that you get best portable and inflatable hot tub for the money you pay. Even though the low energy consumption limits its abilities, running on lower energy keeps portable hot tub quiet and above all, minimizes your electricity bills. Due to reasons listed above, power needed for water circulation and creating the bubbles is taken away from heating power, so it’s advisable to let water reach its maximum warmth level first. According to this hot tub spa’s reviews, bubble jets are very big and comfortable, considering they’re just air blown into holed ring located in the lower part of inflatable spa. Considering it’s weighs more than 2500 lbs ( 1 Ton ) when filled, it needs to be set up on cushioned air pad which is included in the package. Package also includes filter cartridges enough to last one or two consecutive months. This inflatable spa comes with digital control panel to easily switch to your desired operational mode. While it’s built with high quality materials for enhanced strength, durability and insulation, it still needs to be set up with precaution using the DVD manual that comes in the package. Manual is also useful for maintance, as it thoroughly explains details of installation.

Intex 77in Portable Massage Spa Review

After sitting for a while in this portable spa, most probably you’ll feel  the ultimate comfort and support that experienced manufacturers had in mind when building this product. As you may know, intex is well known brand for it’s best-selling above ground pools and lots of other inflatable products, just like this portable spa. Designed for basic home use and sold for cheap price, this portable hot tub can’t be compared to more advance hot tubs which cost thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t mean it can’t beat expensive hot tubs in terms of value. Considering it’s spacey enough for 2 or more adults, this is basically best the portable hot tub you can get for the money. And unlike other expensive hot tubs, intex portable spa can be carried anywhere with it’s special bag which is usually included in the package. You also get outstanding functionality and relaxation for the money you pay. Air jets are created by air blown through 120 holes located in the tub, which can seem basic at the first glance, but with the comfort of built-in hard water treatment system it provides is basically the same level of relaxation as other advanced hot tubs. Just like other best inflatable spas on market, Intex portable massage spa requires some time to heat the water to the maximum point, as it’s able to heat 2-3F per hour only, but this inflatable hot tub’s customer reviews assure that it requires less time when re-heating after being sealed with insulated cover. Other than that, this product has basically no flaws, which makes it best inflatable hot tub on market. Just like the pump, when filled with filter cartridges, filter is also perfectly functional. This portable spa has no seats, but even though special inflatable hot tub seats can be bought online, most people don’t seem to buy it, as it’s very comfortabe to sit on the floor. And if you’re planning to put this portable spa on the hardwood floors, it’s recommended to use ground bubble pad for enhanced comfort and to make sure small amount of leaked water doesn’t damage the floor.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

If you just want to get portable spa which will be very facile to set up and will be ready to go within the minutes, then look no further, because BestWay Lay-Z inflatable hot tub has it all. Being available in 3 different sizes, it can be customized to perfectly match your expectations. While “Miami” is recommended for 4 persons, Palm Springs and Paris can contain two more. Just like other best inflatable hot tubs on market listed above, Lay-Z spa also has limited heating possibilities, it can only water by 2-3 F degrees, but once it reaches its peak, it takes way less time to get ready. You can also consider alternative heating opportunities, which I’ve discussed above. Other than that, considering it’s the cheapest inflatable spas on this list, you get maximum relaxation for such affordable price. Being made of three-ply reinforced Tri-tech material, construction itself is very durable and sturdy. And even though it’s bubble jet system is very basic, it’s still very comfortable and offers great massage for your whole body. Water filtration is also made easy by including 2 filter cartridges (which will last for one or two months, but will need to be replaced afterwards) and chemical floater in this portable hot tub’s package. To keep it running for long time without much loosing too much heating power, you can use inflatable cover, which is also included in the package. Controlling hot tub’s operation is made easy with simplified digital control panel, so you won’t have to get out of hot tub to turn on the bubble massage or regulate water’s warmth level. Even though process of set up is very simple, it’s recommended to watch the manual DVD included in the package, to make sure it’s set up correctly and to find out more details about the product.

Homax Inflatable Spa Review

Even though this portable hot tub is not as popular as other products listed above and manufacturer not as renowned as others, this inflatable spa’s reviews rate it as best inflatable hot tub for the money. This portable hot tub basically costs the same as cost of several local spa visits, but considering it’s built of durable and high quality materials, it will last way longer and cost you less. Unlike the others, it has water capacity of 211 gallons, 25 inches of height and 55 inches of inner diameter, which is spacey enough for two or more persons. After your purchase, you are also able to claim two free filter cartridges which are very important to keep your inflatable spa clean and safe. This portable hot tub also has 130 air jets for better relaxation, unlike the others which come with only 120 holes. Regarding the temperature, heating up takes basically the same amount of time as it’s competitors, but Homax Inflatable Spa has wider range of temperature, so you can customize it to perfectly match your desired warmth level. Materials used to build this portable spa and it’s cover support insulation, so it won’t require too much electricity to keep it running and warm. Electricity costs will be basically around 50$, just like other inflatable hot tubs listed here. Operating the inflatable spa is simplified by easy to use control panel, so you can heat water to your desired level and turn on bubble jets any time, without having to get out of water. Set up is also simple, but if you can’t figure it out by yourself after reading the manual, there are lots of video tutorials online. To sum up, this portable spa is perfect for people who want to buy best portable hot tub to carry with them anywhere they go.

M Spa Model B-130 Camaro Hot Tub Review

Currently being priced a little higher than other products on this list, Camaro Hot Tub still offers great value for the money. With the water capacity of 185 gal, it’s perfect for two or more people. Heating is just like any other portable hot tubs : it takes some time for water to get hot at first, because it’s only able to heat 2-3 degrees F per hour, but if you keep it running, it requires two to three hours to get warm enough. To make sure it doesn’t loose too much heat while standing by, this portable spa comes with zippered cover to insulate the water. Keep in mind that this is not luxurious spa, but affordable and portable alternative to it. You won’t be able to enjoy bubble massage and heat the water at the same time, but for the price, it’s still amazing. If water is hot, and bubble jets are turned on, eventually, water will start to get colder, because of the cold air blown into the holes to create the bubble jets. Speaking of air bubbles, this portable spa comes with only 110 of them, which is a little less than other best portable spas on market, as they usually have 120 or 130, but it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. And with the right chemicals and filter cartridges, filter will perfectly purify the water. To sum up, this is great inflatable hot tub which will allow you to enjoy hot baths with your partner or anyone else you want.

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