best above ground pool ladders – Reviews and Comparison 2016

Shopping for above ground pool ladders and steps is a process that usually requires to be done very carefully, because doing it wrong might cause big headache. So, how to choose best above ground pool ladder when out shopping? You need to research it, or if you’re too lazy, read our above ground pool ladders’ reviews below in this article.

First of all, high quality above-ground pool ladders need to be safe, and have non-slippery and wide treats for better traction when stepped on. It’s also recommended for above ground pool ladders and steps to have handrails to cling on and get in the pool more safely. If you do it carefully, you are very less likely to hurt yourself with above ground pool steps which have all these features.  If kids are usually around, it’s also recommended to get above ground pool stairs with gate, as they won’t be able to get into the water without your supervision.

Speaking of being careful, most above ground pool ladders also have maximum weight they can handle, which is mandatory to know. Best above ground pool steps are usually made of high quality plastics, which can handle at least 300 pounds or more, but still, it varies and you’ll probably need to read the manual to find out the exact limit. You should also make sure that your above ground pool ladders are steady to use. Some usually require special step weights to anchor the pools steps safely.

It’s also important to figure out whether you’ll use the only one way or two way ladders. If you have deck installed with your above ground pool, you’ll need only one way ladders to get in and outside the water. When out shopping, you must also find the above ground pool ladder that supports your swimming pool’s height.

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders, Stairs and Steps in 2016 – Reviews

Confer Curve Base Steps for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Being manufactured by the most popular brand on above ground pool stairs’ market, this pool steps package has all the features most people need and at the same time, it’s gorgeous and does not cost a fortune, considering it’s made of strong chemical resistant resin. High quality material is also very unlikely to color fade, so these pool steps will always look like new. If you happen to have uneven surface issue, there are adjustable base pads included in the package and it’s recommended to use those pads for setup. Setting these steps up is very easy and very time saving, you’ll just need to fill it with 40-50 pounds of sand, so it will weigh more and will stand still more firmly on pool’s floor. To sum up, this is one of the best above ground pool steps package you can find for the money. Even though these are not the cheapest pool steps on market, considering the features you get for the price, this product has great value.


Intex Deluxe Above Ground Pool Ladder

Even though this intex pool ladder is not as comfortable as other products on this list, it is one of the safest above ground swimming pool ladders on the market. Although, these can be only used for above ground pools that are 48 or 52 inches in height. And withstandable weight is also limited, as it is not recommended for people heavier than 250-300 lbs to use it. Otherwise, if used carefully, these can be as safe as it gets. These ladders can be locked into place with just one snap and even though the steps are pretty basic and narrow, they are not slippery and can be climbed safely. If there is a risk of children climbing the ladder, you can always remove steps so they won’t be able to reach it. Overall, Intex above-ground swimming pool ladders are pretty basic, but considering they have almost all the basic features customers usually need, these can be considered as great bargain for the price. And compared to other above ground pool ladders, these are definitely most suitable above ground pool ladders for heavy people.

Staircase Style Above Ground Pool Steps

Using steps to get inside the pool is usually best solution for elders, kids or other people with some kind of problem, as steps are wide and usually non slippery, so chances of slipping or any other unwanted consequences are extremely low. Except for non-skid step surfaces, you can also easily rely on durable handrails, which make this above ground pool step even safer. The process of setup is simplified by using snap-together technology, so getting these steps up and running will take you less than one hour. And it requires at least 40 pounds of sand to achieve it’s maximum stability. The fact that these steps can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight is impressive and clearly validates it’s durability. As these steps are  for above ground pools with decks, customers usually use it for above ground pools with decks, but not necessarily. The recommended pool depth for this product is up to 56 inches. These are definitely best pool steps for above ground pools for the money.

Swim Time Above Ground Swimming Pool Step

Products like this are generally made with enhanced safety in mind : steps, being made of maintance-free polyethylene, are wide enough (10 x 27 inches) and perfectly dispositioned. Steps also come with durable handrails for extra support, so elders, children or anyone else with knee problems can get in and out without getting hurt. But it needs to be noticed, that these are only inside steps, which are enough if you have deck installed, but if you have not, you can always get outside steps and make safe pool entrance for your kids or anyone else. Even though setup is easy, this above ground pool step requires about 40 lbs of sand to stand still firmly. Being made of high quality materials, this pool step can be used by persons who weigh less than 350 pounds. Although, it can be used with above ground pools with depth less than 54 inches.

Confer Curve Above Ground Pool Step System

If you are out shopping for the best above ground pool steps ever made, look no further, because these provide all the safety and gorgeous looks you need. Step system consists of base steps and corner steps which make perfectly safe steps together. Curved step treads and stable handrails make the safest pool entrance and it’s easy to use for anyone – elders, children or people with knee problems. Staircase is made of high quality, chemical resistant resin that can endure up to 400 pounds of weight, and product description assures that material won’t color fade for a very long time. Assembling process is made easy and can be done manually by hand without any tools. This above ground pool steps system also requires to be filled with 50 to 100 pounds of sand to increase its weight and therefore its establishment in water. Product is mainly used for above ground pools with decks, so it comes with deck mounting brackets and adjustable base pads as well.

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